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Tests, treatment and care for patients with HIV.


Patients with no symptoms can self-refer for an HIV test here

For PEP patients can walk-in at the following locations:

Anytown Anytime Sexual Health Clinic

Anytown Amazing County Hospital

Another Amazing Hospital


NHS England has rationalised the list of medications available through HIV services to include only anti-retroviral medications and those used to treat opportunistic HIV-related infections (April 2015). Non-HIV-related conditions (e.g. hypertension, asthma) are more appropriately managed in primary care.

HIV medicines can have dangerous interactions with both prescribed and over-the-counter medicines. Further information can be found on the Liverpool University HIV drug interaction website. When using the traffic light system on the interactions website, medicines highlighted in green can be prescribed together with HIV medicines. However, please liaise with the specialist team regarding interactions highlighted in orange or red.

Further information on medicines and prescribing can be found here

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