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Pathology services in Anytown are provided by the two main District General Hospitals:

Anytown Amazing County Hospital

Another Amazing Hospital



Sexually Transmitted Infections


Community Phlebotomy

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ServiceEndoscopyThis is the Endoscopy Service
TopicCancerCancer Screening Breast screening Bowel screening Cervical screening MRI /...
ServiceCommunity PhlebotomyPatients are able to attend any site listed on our clinic...
PathwaySexual Health Referral PathwaysReferral pathways for sexual health services in Anytown The flow-chart...
TopicSexual HealthSexual Health in Anytown. For further information on referral pathways...
ProviderAnytown Amazing County HospitalServices: Community Phlebotomy
ProviderAnother Amazing Hospital
PathwayCancer Two Week Wait PathwayThis page covers urgent referrals to see a specialist on...
ServiceCancer ScreeningAnytown Healthcare provides screening for the following suspected cancers: brain...